Octopi not working or is just me?

Hy Endevour folks, I have a issue today, I realize that Octopi is non working probably because last update of a widget. Clicking on octopi icon does nothing and tryin’ starting via terminal I have this message:
octopi: error while loading shared libraries: libqtermwidget5.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I installed pacseek and it’s working perfectly just in case someone need an alternative package manager. I love pacseek and I have used it for years but I have one issue with it since the begin, CTRL+W shortcut doesn’t wipe cache … if someone can explain me how to set pacseek to wipe cache is appreciated.

The qtermwidget package in Arch has just been updated - https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/packaging/packages/qtermwidget/-/commits/main

It may be that octopi needs to catch up to this latest version of qtermwidget (which is now Qt6!) - https://github.com/aarnt/octopi/issues/552

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It doesn’t work for me either.

I uninstalled and it won’t let me reinstall because of that package.

I think that sadly octopi is temporarily borked, and that alternatives like pacseek that @Rolo73 mentioned above will have to stand in its place for now.


FYI, Octopi has been updated.


Yes, it’s been ported to Qt6.