Octopi not showing AUR packages when searched with the skull sign

Problem: Octopi nor showing AUR packages when searched with the skull sign.

What triggers the problem: In Octopi if I want to search among AUR packages (selecting the green skull indicating AUR packages).

Expected behaviour: It will show results from AUR packages.

Displayed behaviour: Reuslt giving blank result.

Not problem with yay. Because Search with “yay -Ss xmind” gives result of AUR packages.

Thanks in advance.

Octopi > Tools > Options > AUR

Is yay selected as the tool to use for AUR?

I had the same issue. I had to install pacaur and switch to it in octopi settings. Now it shows aur and will also search for updates

Analysis: There is some problem with Octopi if you change the settings, like “alternate colored rows”, and the options for “yay”. It works ok in default configuration.

Solution: Close your octopi program. You need to remove the /home/$USER/.config/octopi/octopi.conf. You can start Octopi again to check that your problem is solved.

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