OBS for Wayland with HEVC and Mutter DMA-BUF patched

Ive thrown together a few pkgbuilds from some AUR pkgbuilds to make OBS work on Gnome3.38 wayland and fixed the pkgbuilds desktop file so it launches with wayland support on default. Ive also added the patches for enabling HEVC VAAPI support and re-enabled DMA-BUF on non intel GPUs for the current version of mutter.

Original AUR pkgbuilds

My edited PKGBUILDS Below


obs-xdg-portal-git for capturing wayland windows/screen

Patched Gnome Mutter with DMA-BUF

Git Clone or Download as a zip and follow the build instructions

Enjoy :smiley:


The spirit of Open Source! Thanks for your efforts (even if I am unlikely to learn to use it).



yeah its kinda a specific set of needs lol

I have an AMD GPU and want to use wayland, have obs for recording, AND be able to use h265/hevc as the encoder on AMD GPUs is much better with h265 vs h264

Gnome devs nuked DMA-BUF on anything but Intel because of potential issues driver wise but its been good for me so far so ill risk some quirks