NVMe encrypted installation Intel 11th gen

Hey lads,

so I just purchased myself a new ASUS ZenBook 13" UX325E, which comes with a 1TB NVMe and some new i7-1165G7 CPU.

Booting the live medium was as easy as always, also during installation, everything as planned. Anyhow, since I decided to install everything encrypted (just used the checkmark given by the installer), I was unable to boot into the system, after a restart.

The error message given was something like “device not found” and I was popped into an emergency shell, after trying to unlock the encrypted partition.

After searching for hours on the deeps of the web, I discovered THIS post that worked for me (on this forum, thank you from the bottom of my heart @ricklinux ). Sadly, it was super hidden, hence posting this here, with my model as reference, for others to find it easier.

Additionally, I’d like to request the dev-team, if it would be possible to somehow add these additionally required modules, during installation process. Maybe there could be a button that allows to enter some additional modules (in this case nvm), which then will go on and continues the installation with that adjusted mkinitcpio.conf… Would have made my pain way less. :slight_smile:



Currently you can add your preferred packages to file user_pkglist.txt just before install.

But we are planning to add more tools for the user at the install phase in the next ISO. So stay tuned! :sweat_smile:


There seems to be a lot of these branded consumer laptops that come with Intel RST (Software Raid) or Intel Optane that are a problem. Mostly these consumer laptops have zero information when it comes to a manual. They only have user guide which is for windows settings and are basically useless to know anything about the hardware.

Edit: @mnqn

Glad you found my post regarding the vmd module.