Nvim on i3

Hello everyone, I’m new but been a lurker.

This may or may not refer to i3wm only (not sure), but since I’m using i3 I’m posting here.

I have installed neovim through pacman, which get me a bunch of dirs and files under /usr/share/nvim* witch is all normal i suppose.

Then it occurred to me that i wanted to configure nvim…adding numbered lines, underlined cursor line and what-have-you.
Since there is no vimrc or init.vim file created by default I tried to [set ] in /usr/share/nvim/archlinux.vim .
This went fine and dandy except i I think I used # for comments but I should have used " for comments since it’s a vim script.

Then I read some where on the internet that nvim should be modified through ~/.config/nvim/init.vim so i created said directory and file and added my options, which btw seem to work just fine.

Question is, does this file (~…/nvim.init) some how take into account all the files created through installation of neovim in /usr/share/nvim/runtime or do I some how have to link my init.vim to runtime directory or vice versa?
And. Would editing the archlinux.vim file instead of intit.vim be considered good practice?

I’m trying to lay it out here to the best of my ability but if there’s still any question marks, ask away.

I am a relatively new user of nvim, but I have successfully configured nvim like you want i.e. numbered lines etc.
The recommended and possibly the only way to do is by editing files in .config/nvim/. I havne’t seen anyone edit runtime files.
Here is a good resource to get you started on configuring nvim

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Jesus christ, that’s a quick answer. Thanks I’ll read your link and get back to you

Welcome to :enos: forums!!
There is also an accomplishing youtube playlist which goes through every thing step by step.
The main file for options is the options.lua file in which you can edit the nvim options.

Thank you so much I just found everything i needed.

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I’m moving this topic to Applications category since it is related to nvim application.

I hope you enjoy your time in our forums

This is a bit off-topic but I don’t suppose you’ve got a way to add a few buffer spaces between the line# and the code? I’ve read about it and there has been a few initiatives but nothing that seems to have made it to upstream. Just asking if you’ve found a way to do it.

How it is now:

How id like it to be

1 tab BLABLA

No, I haven’t tried it but there should be a way to do it in options.

I stopped doing my own configs but instead use this. Saved me a lot of time.

Interesting. Thanks for link. Don’t think ill copy it straigh off but its good for references.

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