Nvidia: Vulkan support only via lib32-nvidia-utils


after most of my games showed this error:

I uninstalled Endeavour for 2 days, installed Win 11 again and everything worked 100% flawlessly. But as Windows bored the hell out of me I installed Endeavour as a 2nd OS for testing and fiddling around :D.

Setup installed the latest 545.29.06 drivers but Lutris greeted me with the message that Vulkan is not available, although I installed Wine, VKD3D and DXVK via protonup-qt into my Lutris install.

I then figured I had to install lib32-nvidia-utils, which seems to me a 32bit library whereas nvidia-utils seems to be the 64bit variant, in order to get everything working.

But as you might imagine I wonder why Vulkan was not available with just nvidia-utils installed.

Did I do anything wrong?

Edit: Removed lib32-nvidia-utils and Vulkan is still working properly. Weird…

Not everyone needs it is why. I don’t game so having that on my system would just be something else that could cause unnecessary issues for me in the future. Something the team does here is adhere to KISS. There could be other reasons its not included by default.

That would be a good reason if nvidia-utils would also not be installed by default which actually includes the Vulkan driver. It just was somehow not detected by Lutris. Only after having installed and uninstalled the 32 bit library.

If you haven’t seen this tutorial yet, please do: https://forum.endeavouros.com/t/linux-gaming-guide