NVIDIA + Linux I've been wrong for so much time!

Hello everybody,

I’ve been using NVIDIA graphics cards for long time (GTX970 and GTX1070 mainly), and I’ve faced lots of issues, the main ones being the permanent sluggishness and lag of KDE, and less perceptible but present also using XFCE.
I’ve installed endeavouros on many computers, including really low power ones using intel Celeron J1900 with 2GB of RAM, and there was no problem at all, KDE was normally responsive.
At home, using a really powerful computer (Ryzen 5950X + GTX3080Ti…) on a 144Hz monitor, EndeavourOS + KDE works really really well, with no delay, lag or sluggishness at all.
For me it’s hard to accept that the same installation works fine on low end computer, on really high end computer, but it works really bad on my midrange computer.
So, I switched from NVIDIA 1070 to AMD RX550… and then WOW ! No stutter, no lag, no sluggishness AT ALL ! No need for driver, no need to enable FullCompositionPipeline, no need to edit any conf file, to modify kernel parameters. X11, Wayland, Electron apps under Wayland… everything works just fine.
I used to have such bad experience with ATI graphics cards under Linux long time ago, that I spent years not even considering using one again, my mind is now changed for long !


I’ve a few years ago I had a AMD RX 6700XT and now I have an Nvidia RTX 3090. Both work fine without any issues and performance on both are great, although my current Nvidia gpu has a bit more power. The only thing with an Nvidia gpu is that you have to deal with having to install the driver and having to using nvidia-settings and Wayland is good enough on Nvidia now that I don’t actually notice anything. As for Wayland there are enough applications that don’t support Wayland yet and use XWayland anyways, also screensharing is still a problem on Wayland for many applications where it doesn’t matter what gpu you use.

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Trust me, if you did exactly what I did with my exact 1070, you would have noticed the same problems than I have… My 3080ti is working perfectly too :slight_smile:

I don’t keep my GPU for that long, I usually get a new gpu after about 5 years sometimes a little less.

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