Nvidia-installer-dkms -t does not find Nvidia 2080


i try to install an nvidia driver for my 2080.
The installer command gives me the following feedback:

nvidia-installer-dkms -t
EndeavourOS Nvidia Installer v2.1
All logs will be stored in /tmp/nvidia-installer.log
Running the installer in testing mode…
Couldn’t find a driver suitable for your graphics card.

But the card is recognized by the system:
lspci -k | grep -A 2 -E “(VGA|3D)”
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation TU104 [GeForce RTX 2080 Rev. A] (rev a1)
Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. [MSI] TU104 [GeForce RTX 2080 Rev. A]
Kernel driver in use: nouveau

An help is much appreciated :smile:


Maybe it is not listed in the database? What is the output of this command?

sudo lspci -nn | grep VGA

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I don’t see any 20 series cards listed in the database on github. Maybe it can be installed just using nvidia-dkms with pacman? It looks like the same driver base version as my GTX1060. 440.xx

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yeah as ricklinux noted, does this and mayby @joekamprad can help to add this card if its not listed , it seems to work with 440 driver

After running nvidia-installer-update-db again it worked and the card was found, the driver installed.
Thanks everyone for the support! :+1:

possible to force install also if you know your card is woeking with latest nvidia!

@joekamprad @AmokPaule I didn’t even realize that tool was there and able to update directly from Nvidia! I know my card also wasn’t in the list originally but got joe to add it. Maybe we need this info added to the wikki?



I didn’t know you could run nvidia-installer-update-db? Does the installer automatically run this first?

Would this card be Nvidia 2080?

N2080 1
I have no experience with Nvidia, but I’m putting together something with a GTX 1650 WindForce … that’s how I practice a bit.

That’s it but with the short lived driver. :+1: For some reason the nvidia-installer-dkms didn’t pick up the card when he ran the installer. So he ran nvidia-installer-update-db which i didn’t know about and i was just asking if this automatically runs before trying to install a driver? I ran it on my system to see what it did as i was curious. It connects to Nvidia and updates by the looks of it.

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Nvidia is all good on my system.

That is currently a bit experimental program, but shouldn’t cause anything really bad.

So nvidia-installer-update-db updates your local database of Nvidia graphics cards.
That database is then used by the nvidia installer program (like nvidia-installer-dkms).

So the commands that should (hopefully) help with new Nvidia cards are:

nvidia-installer-dkms -t
sudo nvidia-installer-dkms      # run this only if the previous command showed no problems

If the nvidia-installer-update-db does not produce a working database, then you can revert the dabase back by re-installing nvidia-installer-db package. But that simply puts you back to square one with Nvidia.

EDIT: I don’t have Nvidia 2080 card so I can’t test whether this works or not. But I guess there’s not much to lose with trying it…

Well i already know it works for me on my hardware and i think it works because the user who was trying to install nvidia-installer-dkms with an RTX2080 card it said no driver found. He ran the nvidia-installer-update-db and it worked as he was able to install after using nvidia-installer-dkms.

I just wasn’t aware of the nvidia-installer-update-db command as joe originally added my card which is a GTX1060. So i tried the command now a couple of times and i see that it checks nvidia and i’m assuming it finds my card already exists. I have no issue with the installer and i assume it is the same using the online install process or not? I have install the whole system again a few times using the online installer and Nvidia. I only had an issue with Deepin once. Something wasn’t quite right and i was getting distortion at the very top of the screen. I think it was just an install issue because normally it works fine.

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