Nvidia-inst or nvidia-dkms?

Hello! I have a NVIDIA 2070 Super and I just installed EndeavourOS. Now I would like to install the correct drivers. I found that there are new drivers for my card in the Welcome! screen.

It says I should just use nvidia-inst instead of the old drivers. I want to play some older games so I found elsewhere that I should install the drivers with --32. But:
Should I first run “nvidia-inst”, then reboot and then run “nvidia-inst --32”? Or can I run just the second command?
And is there a difference if I run


or should I go with:

sudo pacman -S nvidia-inst

What is the difference?
I’m very new to this stuff and I’m glad for any help.

nvidia-inst is a program to help you install drivers

This installs nvidia-inst itself if it isn’t alrady installed.

This runs the program to install drivers.


nvidia-inst is a helper script from EndeavourOS to help installing nvidia-dkms and other needed packages plus some basic configs to set… nvidia-dkms is one of the packages that you need to install for nvidia drivers to work… aside from nvidia-utils… the dkms version is buidling modules needed against kernel updates automatically what is usefull and safe in cases… and also will make sure you have modules build for other kernels automatic without the need to manually install them.

long story short…

install nvidia-inst script and run it will do the trick in most cases.

you can test it before without installing to check the output for errors:
nvidia-inst -t

and if it runs without error run it for real: nvidia-inst as a command inside a terminal…

and you are right: nvidia-inst --32 to install the 32libs with it… or to test nvidia-inst --32 -t



Thank you both. It worked. :slight_smile:

Now I just have to figure out how to make display settings in the settings permanent.

running i3 ? or other WM?

I’m running KDE Plasma.
It seems that both KDE and Gnome forget NVIDIA settings on purpose on startup.
I have very high gamma with my Display and no option on the display itself to turn it down. It was one of its downsides. But on Windows it never was an issue because you can do everything with the driver.
In the Linux driver you can change it, but only on x11 and the settings are gone after reboot. I’m going around this issue by autostarting a shell script with “nvidia-settings --load-config-only”.
This works.

yes it does not get loaded on its own… nvidia-settings is not autostarting … you need to add it to run for you - i was thinking about settings for display size :wink:

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Thank you! I tried all the settings on this page but finally decided to just load them by sh script. It was way easier then messing with the other options and is less depended on the system.
I don’t notice the loading, not even a flicker. Unlike MS Windows, where the desktop is loaded, then sometime later the NVIDIA driver and then it changes color. :slight_smile:

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