NVIDIA GPU fans don't change speed

I have a NVIDIA GTX 1650 SUPER in a machine running Endeavour OS XFCE, and the GPU fans never change speed, they always stay at 26/27°C seemingly regardless of the load. They stay at that speed from when I’m idle to when I’m playing heavy games and stress tests. I would like if I could maybe have the fans just not running at all when the GPU is not being heavily used. Is that possible?

Oops, I mean 26/27 percent, not degrees. For whatever reason the forum isn’t letting me edit it. Anyways, I have tried some things, but I still haven’t found anything that works. When I go into the NVIDIA Settings application, in the Thermal Settings tab there is an “Enable GPU Fan Settings” option, but after I click it, it immediately deselects itself. Looking it up led me to believe I should edit the Coolbits option, but I got conflicting opinions as to what it should be set to. The Arch wiki says 4, the current official NVIDIA docs don’t mention a fan setting at all, the nvidia-xconfig(1) man page on my system says 4, and some online sources say 28 (though this just seems to allow me to edit the PowerMizer settings). I tried setting both 4 and 28, but neither allowed me to enable the fan settings. Am I barking up the wrong tree, or is there some other reason why setting the Coolbits doesn’t allow me to set the fans?