Nvidia gpu acting weird

Since very recently (maybe about a week at most) my nvidia gpu started acting weird, i’ve been playing valheim on it and i noticed all of a sudden my fps was hovering around 30 (when usually it’s 80+)

I dug a little deeper and noticed it was only running at 350-450mhz, that’s quite low, like the minimum frequency.

I dug even deeper and i noticed it happens whenever my temperature hits 80°C exactly

It starts running normally again only at 65°C, maybe 66°C, then once it hits 80°C again the cycle starts anew, this is quite annoying.

Edit: I tried going back to driver version 545 instead of 550, it seems like it doesn’t happen there.

Edit 2: I tried going back to 550 again and now it doesn’t happen there either, this is just confusing.