Nvidia drivers messed up Help please

Since several days i was trying to figure out what Nvidia drives should i install and how to install them. Then today i suddenly found out i have the nouveau drivers already installed on my system i don’t know how they came on my EOS system. SO CAN SOME ONE TELL HOW TO REMOVE NOUVEAU drivers safely and install the nvidia-dkms drives for my GPU so its is up and running nicely. HELP will be appreciated from the bottom of my Heart.

Start here: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/nvidia/new-nvidia-driver-installer-nvidia-inst/2022/03/

And what should i do about those nouveau drivers i should remove them right? before install new nvidia-dkms drivers.

all options that need to take care of conflicting packages and/or certain settings: conflicting stuff will be removed first, and then the new packages/settings will be installed.

I’ve not tried it, but the nvidia-inst installer would seem to handle it all.

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wow hopefully it works and if it did’nt work as it shoudl i would be left with two drivers and a preety wrecked config files i guess

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You might like to wait for an opinion from one who has tried it then :sweat_smile:

Not sure if nvidia-inst blacklist nouveau automatically upon installing the nvidia driver or not.

However one can blacklist it by creating: /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau_blacklist.conf with the content: blacklist nouveau

nvidia-inst does not blacklist anything, but nvidia-dkms or nvidia should blacklist nouveau.

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