Nvidia Drivers in conflict

Hey guys, I am a pretty new user to linux. I’ve had an issue with Wayland, where windows would flash in random circular spots showing my wallpaper, usually when moving them. That was after I had updated Wayland and my nvidia drivers to Driver Version 555.52.04 with this tutorial. Now I’ve seen someone else talking about a similar issue and figured, that updating my drivers could help.
So i put nvidia-inst in my Konsole, but it said the following:

:: nvidia-dkms-555.58-1 and nvidia-dkms-tkg-555.52.04-254 are in conflict (NVIDIA-MODULE). Remove nvidia-dkms-tkg? [y/N] 
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected
error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies)
:: nvidia-dkms-555.58-1 and nvidia-dkms-tkg-555.52.04-254 are in conflict

So now I’m unsure on how to proceed, because just uninstalling the old driver is probably not the right way to go about this.

Would love to hear from you!

Actually, it is. But you would replace them like this:

Please read the rest of the thread to see what the OP did.


I actually managed to fix my issue in a different way:
I just got the new driver through nvidia-all which, which replaced the packages in conflict itself as it seems.
My issue with Wayland still remains, but it’s much less prominent now. Still, thanks a lot for trying to help!

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I used nvidia-all while nvidia555 was in beta, And now that it’s stable I moved away from nvidia-all.

Why I moved away from nvidia-all are that you have to update packages with yay, and then separately nvidia drivers with nvidia-all. Also you have to track nvidia driver version manually too. That doesn’t make sense if you can get that from one place already. In Windows you have to update everything separately. In Linux you can update everything in one command without bullshit, logins, tracking, marketing, etc.

So why not move back to one yay command or pacman, which updates everything altogether and use stable Arch repos.

That’s my thinking.

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