Nvidia driver downgrade in order to run Starfield: everything is OK from now on?

Hi there,

Today I finally got the courage to downgrade my Nvidia drivers (from 535.104.05 to 530.41.03) in order to properly run Starfield (there’s an issue with the latest Nvidia drivers).

Well, I’ve downgraded using nvidia-all. The proccess ran smoothly.

But my doubt now is: how to proceed from now on? I mean, will I be able to get the normal Nvidia updates from the repositories, as I have always done (I run EOS Gnome)? Just through sudo pacman -Syu, for example?

Thanks in advance.

Unless you have added the packages to IgnorePkg in /etc/pacman.conf, they should be brought back up to date normally the next time you run a system update. If you test afterward and your game is still broken, just downgrade again the same way.

Thank you so much.

So, maybe I am missing something, but just now I ran a sudo pacman -Syu and noticed that there are no Nvidia upgrades. Is this normal?

If I understood correctly, today I would receive again the 535.104.05, and this does not happened.

Probably because installing nvidia-all removed the other packages?

What does pacman -Q | grep nvidia show?

Thank you very much.

Well, this is strange. :frowning:

Perhaps I’ll have problems in the future, when upgrading Nvidia drivers?

Please find below the output:

lib32-nvidia-utils-tkg 530.41.03-250
lib32-opencl-nvidia-tkg 530.41.03-250
nvidia-dkms-tkg 530.41.03-250
nvidia-egl-wayland-tkg 530.41.03-250
nvidia-hook 1.3-1
nvidia-inst 23-7
nvidia-installer-common 23-7
nvidia-settings-tkg 530.41.03-250
nvidia-utils-tkg 530.41.03-250
opencl-nvidia-tkg 530.41.03-250

Basically, you replaced the normal driver packages with those specific drivers.

You will no longer get updates to the nvidia drivers because you no longer have those packages installed. If you ever want to switch back to the normal drivers, you will need to replace those with the nvidia packages from the repos.

Thank you.

So, basically, I’ll need to remove all those above packages and install others from the repos, right?

Yes. Alternatively, you could use nvidia-all again to switch to a different version of the drivers.

It depends how you want to maintain the drivers going forward.

Understood. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

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Hey guys,

I had to pick up a new machine, so I installed EOS again. Everything is OK, but I would like to clarify, if possible, one question.

I tried to install Nvidia drivers through nvidia-inst. So I received a warning about the needing of to install the new drivers from AUR (a beta package).

So I used yay to install it, as suggested by nvidia-inst. My question is: from now on I will receive normal updates from repos and/or AUR regarding the drivers?

Thanks in advance.

As long as you use an AUR helper such as yay or paru to update the system, it will get updated.

Great. Thank you so much.

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I have went through exactly the same process. I used nvidia-all to downgrade and it replaced all drivers with those “tkg” ones. What I did is, I remove all packages related to nvidia via pacman -Rc including dependencies like steam and a few others. I then used EOS built-in script nvidia-inst to install the regular latest 545.29.06.
If this script tells you that a couple of files, in my case it was like 100, exist and stops the process, just delete them manually via rm from the console (shut down X first).
That is at least what brought me back to the regular drivers.