Nvidia and Wayland


I have a laptop with an Nvidia Geforce 920M running on optimus via prime and envycontrol. Is there a way for me to set it up to run under wayland? gnome xorg performance seems rather high consuming. Open to suggestions/news

I’m kinda confused. Are you asking if those programs you are using will run under wayland. E.g. prime and envycontrol or are you asking how to run gnome under wayland?

I interpreted it as the latter. The “it” in “set it up” probably refers to the OP’s laptop. If he was asking about those applications, he probably would use “them” instead of “it.”


Alright, @anthony93. Thanks for the clarification. Anyways @stroodlepup, I don’t use gnome anymore, but I recall you just need to log out and then choose the wayland session. Assuming you didn’t uninstall the wayland session. To my knowledge endeavourOS ships what is default by the project in this regard and wayland is normally the default for gnome. Did you not have to manually change the to x11 session when you installed?

sorry for the confusion. I was wondering if there was a way to set up endeavour to run with wayland + nvidia optimus (hybrid mode)

I have done this, but performance seems slow, and mouse cursor was lagging. I am not sure if it is driver rellated or something else

Sorry have never had a hybrid graphics setup and I’m unfamiliar with how all that works. I know people use special programs to use one gpu or the other and that is about it. I have never had a hybrid graphics computer myself.

@stroodlepup I previously had a hybrid laptop (now have dedicated nvidia gpu only on a desktop) and it’s a right pain to get working. The very best instructions to do this (for any distro, IMO) is the Arch wiki. It takes a lot of work to make it function and it usually breaks and you’ll have to start again. Best of luck.

have you had any luck making wayland work decently on it? I get stuttering into the desktop… My budgie installation also got borked after an update and will definitely not use plasma

I checked some of the troubleshooting for wayland and found the renderer check for wayland:
I have installed the nouveau drivers and it seems to run stable when both video cards run on gbm instead of eglstreams, the question is would it do the same if both run on egl

Apologies for the delay. No, I have not gotten it to work is the short answer. I tried again today to use wayland and there is far too much stuttering of different windows. I just tried using steam a short time ago and it was impossible.

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