Nvidia-all, vulkan driver on 6.3

Hey all I’m having issues with upgrading my vulkan driver and I think it has something to do with the new kernel, but I’m not certain.

Normally, I just use nvidia-all to install the latest nvidia vulkan driver, and do a dracut --regenerate-all --force to update the boot image, and it all boots ok.

I just updated from 6.2.x to 6.3.1 and now nothing I do will bring the vulkan driver online. The logs say failed to find module nvidia-uvm, but if I install the regular nvidia driver (latest version) it’s happy with no problems.

Tried downgrading to LTS and it’s the same problem. Can’t find module nvidia-uvm.

I feel like, perhaps, there’s a chance that I’ve not understood how to load in the modules via dracut since the regular installer tries (and fails) to use mkinitcpio, but it’s not been a problem so far…

If anyone has any advice it’d be appreciated, even if it’s just confirming that weird things are happening with 6.3 and vulkan nvidia driver support.