Nvidia Advanced Optimus Finally on Linux?

Hey guys, seems that Nvidia is going slightly the right way (still not open source like AMD sadly) but would be a big boost in performance and usability!

Advanced Optimus API for Linux

This is all fine and dandy but it fails to explain the Technology and actually how it actually works when it comes to Linux. Most of these articles and information always relate only to Windows. It’s really unfortunate that a platform such as this can’t be out in the open so that it benefits all!

True, I’ve not found yet an article that explain better how it will be implemented but it’s a good start. If it was all open sourced it will be immensely better tho, but Nvidia will never do that sadly (I think)

Edit: ups I’ve just noticed that I’ve posted the wrong link. They actually seems to be working at implementing api on Linux kernel. I’ll find and change the link later with the correct one I read this morning

Edit2: here the correct link. Sorry

It would be nice if you edit the first post and add the correct link there… :sweat_smile:

It also shows here how to load the driver on linux.

No problem, done that too.

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It tells to download from website and use TUI installer :astonished: