Nvidia 495 10-bit question

DISCLAIMER: user is new to Linux


I do have a RTX 2070 Super card and a Philipps 3275 4k monitor, which is able to show 10-bit color depth. In W11 that setting can be easily applied, works across all apps and looks pretty nice.

To achieve something similar in EOS, I edited the DefaultDepth to 30 in xorg.conf, although in nvidia-settings the max color depth is only 8-bit. However, the driver showed me Color Depth 30 in the nvidia-settings and the desktop looked even better (KDE).

But my Latte panels got a big black solid stripe in the background and Brave also got framed with a thick black stripe. It seems, that not all apps get along with the 10-bit setting and I’m not sure, why I can manually change it, but nvidia-settings doesn’t offer it.

Is this something, that’s just is as it is (the stripe thing) or is there something one has to additionally install, when using 10-bit color depth?

Thank you

AMD supposedly supports it but i think also there are a lot of varaibles. Depends on the graphics card, monitor, and display server to name a few.

I don’t see any info on Nvidia? :man_shrugging:


Edit: Honestly from what i see it’s not worth even looking at …right now!

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If you want some info on HDR in Linux this seems like a good page:

Supposedly Plasma 5.24 is supposed to be working on 10 bit color support as well shrug

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Interesting read, thank you.

The solution seems to be, there is none atm. At least not an easy one, since GTK seems to be the problem.