NvChad - problems with overriding mappings for plugins

On the off chance that someone here knows (as I haven’t gotten any response on reddit).

I’m pasting the text from reddit as it describes my issues.

I’m currently trying to take the step into working from vim fulltime in my work as a software developer. I’ve got most things set up the way I want them but a few shortcuts bug me. The old ones I have in my fingers are just too stuck there.

I’ve sorted all the general ones but when I try to change for example the tabuf ones they do not change.

To have all the mappings available to me I copied what’s in the mappings file in the core folder over to my custom one.
Then I started changing what I prefer.
This worked fine for general. But when I started on the first plugin the new settings would not work. The old ones still did though.

I tried looking into this a found an (old) post about plugins needing to have settings overridden. However, that was things like themes and not mappings.

Am I wrong in doing this in my mappings.lua? What am I doing wrong?

Turns out I tried to map to an already existing mapping (i.e. Ctrl+w). When I remap to something else (e.g. Ctrl+q) the mapping works fine.

So, incase anyone stumbles upon this post with the same issue, do not make the same mistake I did.

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