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When I first log, I would like to have the ‘numlock’ working, like, get to the login screen and simply typing my PC password (numbers) I use they right keyboard, but I ALWAYS need to press ‘numlock’ first, otherwise it would not type the numbers in the pw screen.

These are on:

$ xfconf-query -c keyboards -lv | grep -i numlock
/Default/Numlock true
/Default/RestoreNumlock true

I’ve tried resetting all the keyboard over xfconf/keyboard, but none seems to be working, so with those ON always need to press numlock before typing the pw.

I remember having the same over Manjaro, when I first tried linux for the first time (8 months ago), but never made this work… so I switched to KDE, not sure what I am missing in XFCE

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install numlockx bevor you make the config

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Hey, thanks for your reply! I already tried the cfg over XFCE, but did not work - these properties are true already:

I installed it via pacman and made ‘numlockx on’ but did not work (sorry if I am missing something, I am not expert in linux (yet :smiley: )

Lightdm… It needs to set by the DM, not the DE…


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Dude! it worked, thank you! I forgot about this DM/Lightdm thing, by doing the nano over the lightdm thing, it worked <3 thank you so much!

Danke to @Balder as well! both helped a lot!


Sorry, I’m a little to the party, but here is my contribution :partying_face:
Glad to see you got your solution so fast @GUSTRAVAU and welcome aboard :enos:

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