Now able to login with correct password lightdm

Hello, it has been 4 months since I have installed this distro and started using it.
Today, I was just messing around in the computer, and when I logged out, it suddenly didn’t let me login.
I tried rebooting, and going into tty2 to change password and double checked that I have the proper keyboard layout.

I have kde, i3 as my de/wm and lightdm as my display manager. Lightdm just says that I have invalid password, but I am typing in the correct password. I found others that experienced this issue, but none of them worked.

Let me know which information you need, thank you.

There are several possible reasons why you are facing this issue, changes to /etc/passwd file, keyboard layout, system language. I would recommend you to narrow down on these possible scenarios. I had similar issue a while ago, that was due to system language.

Thank you for your response. I ended up fixing it by just reinstalling the OS.
I just found another issue where after systemctl suspend gets executed and I try to turn my laptop back on, it doesn’t work.

I only see a black screen and my cursor appearing whenever I move it. It is stuck on the stemp “starting accounts service,” and journalctl returns a lot of the same warning which is this:

Mar 12 17:18:10 EndeavourOS rtkit-daemon[1000]: Warning: Reached burst limit for user '1000', denying request.

How can I fix this?

You should open a new thread for this new issue, as the headline doesn’t match your current problem. :wink:

Okay, thx