Noticed that I have installed Nmap

Hello. I just noticed that I have Nmap installed on my System. But I don’t remember that I have ever installed it. Should I be worried?

No. I don’t think EnOS installs nmap by default. If you don’t use it and are worried about it, remove it from your system.


But could it be a sign, that some one got access to my PC and installed Nmap?

pacman -Qi nmap

Another possibility is that nmap was a dependency of something else you installed. Hence why you don’t remember installing it.


Sadly already deleted it. Any way how to do it in this cause?

What does this return:

grep nmap /var/log/pacman.log


Looks like it was downloaded with other packages. Perhaps when I installed my system on 29 - 12 -2021.
Any way to see when the system was installed?
Says pacman -Sy --noconfirm --needed --disable-download-timeout and a lot of packages.

Pre-Cassini ISOs included nmap by default so it would be normal for you to have it installed.


That’s a relief. Thank you all for the help. Much appreciated.

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Any way to see when the system was installed?

This Command Shows the date where the root Filesystem was created. This is usually also the time when the system was installed.

stat -c %w /
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