Nothing happens when you click the Google Chrome icon

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad L440 laptop running EOS with Xfce desktop environment. On the Xfce desktop, nothing happens for a long time after clicking the Chrome icon on either the Whisker menu or the panel. I know this is mostly due to a sync issue or a corrupted profile. A workaround is to delete the profile directory. I only opened this topic to see if anyone had any other ideas.

What happens if you try to launch it from a terminal?

I would have thought that was a good result :rofl: (sorry - couldn’t resist!)


I get this error meWhen I run Google-Chrome in a terminal, I get this error message.ssage.

Failed to load module “window-decorations-gtk-module”
Gtk-Message: 11:01:16.939: Failed to load module “colorreload-gtk-module”
[4485:4485:1201/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.

I found this for the last error message.

So perhaps the issue is unrelated to a corrupted profile?
Frankly I don’t know how to resolve this problem but the output might at least give some hit to someone who can.

This error has happened in the past, just because I used the laptop less often, I didn’t deal with it too much. At that time, I deleted the profile directory, then restarted the sync from scratch and the problem was fixed. because after a good few seconds the browser started. But now nothing really happens.

Not sure but would you think reinstalling might help?

For this simple reason alone, I don’t want to reinstall.

No, I meant reinstalling the browser, not the system. Should have stated that more clearly.

That has already happened, it seems to be ineffective.

Do you have similar issue with Chromium or other Chromium-based browsers?

Vivaldi, Opera, and Brave work flawlessly, at least the last time I watched it, it was.