Notepadqq/++ alternatives

I’ve been using Notepad++ on windows with blocked network and with pleasure.
Took me awhile to find it’s linux alternative - Notepadqq - but it’s not comparable. Also, there’s huge issues with Plasma 6: high cpu usage and needed to be killed, no global menu(widget) etc.

When I google for alternatives, I got bunch of unrelated things such as vscode.
Do you have any suggestions for me, maybe?

Maybe something here as an alternative?

it depends (as always with Linux) what functions you are looking for?

as a simple text editor i like mousepad
Kate is a good editor with a lot more features (even coding)
gedit is also a good editor
For coding i like geany and vscode
for terminal use i like nano


Yeah, I looked it up the first thing, “vscode”, “sublime” :smile:

An equivalent of notepad++: something to hold lots of tabs with lots of info in them and with auto save drafts as minimum.
Notepadqq is OKish, but with plasma 6 it doesn’t go well, yet. I guess I need to wait as mentioned in other thread.

mousepad will do what you want at a minimum (set the tabs and auto save in settings)

Would Xed work for you? Not sure if it’s as feature-rich, but it may suit your needs.


as far as i know Xed has more features than mousepad so that might be a better option

I use Xed as a simple text editor, nothing more. But looking at the GitHub page, it does seem to be loaded with features.

I remember I tried it, but there’s something I didn’t like or it lack some features I needed, but I’m going to give it another try, thanks.

I actually thought there’s nothing like this one, because I googled like hell in order to find something like notepad++ and this one was not on the search at-all.
Definitely going to try this, hopefully it’s going to be great for me too, big thanks!

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You’re welcome! Hope it works for you.

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Kate might be the best one, then.


I have replaced all the default editors on my system with oss code (a fork of vscode with all MS stuff stripped off) yay -S code. It’s my default editor for anything text-based. It has syntax coloring for known file types.

It’s fast, very powerful if you need it to be, and has this feature that I loved in notepad++ in windows: you don’t need to save the files. You close it and even if the files are not saved when you reopen the application the open files are all there.

Another feature I love about it is that if you open a file and don’t have permissions to save it, it will ask sudo password instead of just letting you know you have the wrong permissions.

Before you dismiss it out of hand, maybe give it a try.

I also love it has a lot of themes (including dark ones).

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I use it, but not as text editor.
It’s not the same type of experience.

I don’t know, but when I first got my hands on the default editors including kate, I was impressed, but then realized they are not quite the same for some reason. The had some major issues for my use(as notepadqq/++).
But I’m going to give them a spin in the nearest future and see what fits me best.

Much appreciate your help

before I bolted for Linux I, also, utilized Notepad a lot and still do at work. It’s not as special as you make it out to be (in light of what linux offers). I stepped right into Gedit and it was an identical non-flashy note tool. Does the job. In fact the poster who mentioned Xed was on the money as well. These are all basic and utilitarian like Notepad was. I use Gedit no matter what I am running, never had to the need to explore others.
two cents edit: sp

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Nothing is the same here, sadly. If you’re just starting out, it might be best to embrace the chaos around you and try to make sense of it. It’s possible, but it will take some time, so don’t be afraid to take as much time as you need to learn and figure out these things.

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Notepad++ based on editing engine Scintilla and WinAPI graphics. GTK and Qt, graphics pakadges in Linux, are far enough from WinAPI, although there are editors based on Scintilla if you like it, it’s good engine indeed. But all they use GTK, while you have chosen KDE with Qt. So try Geany (Scintilla) and Kate (native for KDE) and make your choice.

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I had no clue about Scintilla and so on, but I don’t think these have much of an affect on the end experience of using the app. It could be an electon one and it won’t make a huge diff, at least for me.
I actually got so excited about Geany… but it doesn’t keep unsaved files, sadly. Or maybe I just missed how to do that?

I went over Kate today and it’s actually amazing and has all I needed, just needed to figure out how to do stuff in it.

P.S. @4pips , thanks for sharing your thoughts and especially about Geany.

mousepad has a option for session restore, including unsaved documents

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I will definitely check it out in the following days. Thanks for pointing that out

Tools - Plugin Manager - choose Save Actions
After that in Edit menu will appear Plugin Preferences with settings of Save Actions

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