Not sure on encrypting hard disk without losing everything

Hello everyone.

This might seem like a bit of a basic question so apologies if it has been covered elsewhere. A search of the forums didn’t seem to help me though.

I have been using endevour for a while and have amassed quite a lot of data both personal and work related and I’m regretting not setting up an encrypted LUKS drive when I first installed it.

I was wondering if there is any way I can encrypt my disk without losing the data on it? A look at KPartitionManager options didn’t seem to help.

I would like to have to not take all my data off the computer with usb sticks as this would be quite tedious but I certainly can’t afford to lose any of it. Anyway I could encrypt whilst avoiding this?

It’s a basic system with 1 hard disk 250GB (sda) and all on 1 partition, no separate partition for home directory or anything like that

Many thanks

If you want to use LUKS you have to give it always a full partition. LUKS encrypts on block device level. And that always deletes all the data on that block device.

The only other option is to use encryption per folder. Like with ecryptfs for example:

I used this for a while because I was in the same position like you and I didnt want to give LUKS a full partition. But that was only for ca. 2 years. At the end of the day I realized that LUKS is the better option, I did a full backup and restored the data on a LUKS partition.

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you should have backups that are not connected to the system. You should always backup before doing anything to a drive partition. With Luks as pointed out by @mbod you would have to re partition the drive which will erase everything.

Invest in an external drive or atleast use the cloud. Your putting a lot of faith in that one disk.

Oh I have back ups of the important stuff I was just hoping there might be a way to sort luks out without hastling myself, just being a bit lazy.

But fair enough it seems I’ll have to do the leg work… no worries. It’ll give me something to do on a wet sunday lol.

Thanks for the responses

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