Not letting me login

I have just downloaded endeavouros, everything went smoothly and I went with the i3 manager. Now that I am done and enter my password to login it keeps returning to the login screen. Again and again. I typed in a wrong password and it does say wrong password so password is not the issue.

Hope this can be fixed.

Hi, @Monty welcome to the forum and EnOS.

Are you able to log in through the terminal? Do you see any error when trying to log in through the GUI? Which display manager are you using?

I just installed the standard option when installing not the nvidia, i guess default is lightDM. I am now installing it again choosing the second option the nvidia one. Lets see what happens. I did Ctrl+alt+f3 and i could login using the terminal

It might have been something wrong with lightDM being unable to initiate the DE. Any way let us know what happens after the reinstall.

Sure, thank you.

One quick question. Once the installation is complete and the system is rebooting what is the exact time to pull the usb out as I have experienced some systems prompt.

Same problem nothing changed. Still getting back to the login

Well, it’s not a good thing to pull the drive while mounted. You could just shut the system down without rebooting remove the USB. Or just wait till OS restarts.

Try this first, if that fails try the below steps.

  • Log in to try Ctrl + Alt + 3
  • Then run this command ls -lA and see the permissions of this file .Xauthority.
  • If the permission looks like this -rw------- 1 root root 53 Jul 29 13:21 .Xauthority
  • You need to take ownership by running sudo chown <yourusername>:<yourusername> .Xauthority
  • You might need to do the same for this file .ICEauthority but owning the above should do the trick.
  • Now reboot and see.
  • If this fails remove Xauthority by using rm ~/Xauthority.

nope it says: rw------ 1 raffay raffay

my username so i guess this is fine, problem is something else…

Ok, did you try downgrading xorg server?

No, I don’t know how to do that

Also when last time i checked the logs there were a lot of red out text saying: lot of red related to process 654 Xorg of user 0 dumped core

I posted the link in my prior reply.

is this what I am supposed to do?


  1. Use ctrl-alt-F2 keyboard shortcut
  2. Log in using your user name
  3. sudo downgrade xorg-server and select 1.20.11-1 package.
  4. Log out and use ctrl+alt-F7 keyboard shortcut or reboot.

is this (and select 1.20.11-1 package.)part of the command as well, as i only entered sudo downgrade xorg-server and it says command not found

not working, keeps saying command not found…

Command is this sudo downgrade xorg-server. Once you run the command it gives the list of versions. From that select the 1.20.11-1 package and enter the index number where it asks for the number.

yes that is what i did but it says command not found

That’s strange, did you try rm ~/Xauthority. If not try that restart and see if it still stuck in the loop.

something is seriously wrong, it says no such file exists