Not boot to live USB System

Hello, I wanted to install the system, but I can’t I can’t boot into the Live USB system, I click on EndeavourOS Live USB Boot and it crashes, just a black screen for 1 second then the system boots normally (which is on the hard drive, not yours) What to do?
Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad S110-15ACL
Processor: AMD A6-7310
Videocard: integrated AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
Boot: UEFI
Secure Boot: Disabled

Have you checked the ISO? That sounds like a corrupt image.

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Image downloaded in official site, Image not corrupted

How did you make the bootable usb? What tool did you use?

Was Fast boot also disabled in BIOS? Sometimes that gets set ‘on’ without user intervention - or intention, and can cause problems…


Be sure CSM is disabled.

If you use Windows i REALLY recommend Rufus. It really really works the best.
If on Linux try to find Mintstick, the bootable USB creator from Linux Mint. It’s the best one I have found.

As for the rest I second the question if Fast boot is disabled.

What do you mean you click on the live usb? You have to download the live ISO and then create a bootable usb with it. Then you boot the system off the live usb. Not sure I understand what you are doing?

To be fair, I have not checked, but he might have a BIOS that is mouse controlled.

BalenaEtcher, ROSA Image Writer

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Check if your usb works on another machine if you have access to another.
Also try Rufus, as was mentioned above and maybe try another usb flashdrive.

… and another usb port can help too (usb3/usb2)