Not being able to boot into ISO in VBox

I am using the latest EOS iso as of today, endeavouros-2019.07.15-x86_64. I am not been able to boot up into VirtualBox VM live session using this iso. It is getting stuck at the following screen.

Kindly help.

@Resiliencia, I think you mistook my question. I am not trying to install VBox, I am trying to test EOS on a VM by VBox, and am not being able to boot to the live iso. I hope this makes it clear.

check settings and set to vbox VGA, thats mostly the issue, vbox set it different

I got no concrete solution, but haven’t any problems booting the ISO in Virtualbox.
It’s the newest version and I choosed Arch64 in the wizard. The virtual machine got 2GB of RAM and a virtual drive with 11GB. I boosted the graphical RAM to max (128MB) and didn’t touch the 2d/3d acceleration.
Maybe that helps somehow.

I have a mostly similar config, 8GB RAM, 60 HDD on the VM, with 128MB G-RAM, but I had 3d acceleration on, I will try switching it off and trying.

Looks like turning off 3D-acceleration worked. Thanks man.

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You will need to set graphics-controller to VboxVGA if you want 3d acceleration enabled, or ISO will not be able to start X…

How do I do that exactly?

I think it would be better to link instead of always answering again.

The question was answered 17 days ago.

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Or maybe someone can add an entry to the wikipage about “Install EOS in VirtualBox”. :wink:

may someone from our lovely community can write this :wink:
I will be happy to add it to the wiki !

I’ll give it a try… so as a starting point…

How to configure Virtualbox for a testdrive with EndeavourOS:

Create a new machine with your favorite name, for example: EndeavourOS
Machine Folder: as you like
Type: Linux
Version: Arch Linux (64-Bit)

Memory size: (minimum 1024MB, recommended 2048MB)
Hard Disk: “Create a virtual hard disk now”
Hit “Create”

File location: Where do you want to save your virtual machine? Be aware that you got enough space for the virtual hard drive.

File size: with about 12GB you’re good to go - depends on the plans for your virtual machine. Definitely enough for a little testdrive.

Hard disk file type: What you prefer, VDI is absolutely ok.

Storage on physical disk: Dynamically allocated (The virtual machine takes only the amount of space that is needed. Your chosen file size is the maximum.)
After the wizard you have to change one or two settings. First you click on [Optical Drive] Empty. Then you choose the downloaded ISO to mount it in the virtual optical drive.

If you plan to activate the 3D acceleration for the GPU (graphics card) you have to change the graphics controller to “VBoxVGA”. And maybe you want to maximize the “Video Memory” to 128MB.

That’s it… time to start the virtual machine and try EndeavourOS.

Have fun!

Sorry for the bad formatting… this was just a quick shot. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for writing this one:

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