Not able to use snapper with rEFInd or systemd-boot

I am not seeing a choice to boot from a snapshot in either bootloader. I have installed snap-pac and snapper-support. There is a .snapshot folder in the Linux Filesystem root and there seems to be pre/post snaps listed in Btrfs assistant. What else do I need to look into?


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Yes, if you want to boot off of snapshots, you should use grub. It mentions this in the installer on the bootloader choice screen.

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As it stands right now, if my system breaks, how am I able to restore the snapshots?

If your system becomes unbootable, you would need to boot off an ISO and restore it that way.

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Thanks for the clarification! If anyone has any advice for getting rEFInd to show backups, I would appreciate it. It doesn’t require secure boot to be disabled and it has a nicer interface.

There is this but you would need to figure out how to get it working:

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