[not a bug] Connecting WiFi in installer

Suggestion: For the many who are not familiar with Xfce, I suggest dialog box in the installer pointing to where and how to connect to WiFi for Internet access.


Yeah took me a while when I first installed to find that the square thing meant Internet

Welcome back @BobCollins


What else we could implement?
EndeavourOS is about KISS why we should go create a helper for something common like “finding the button to connect to the internet with wifi”??

Afaik this is nothing specifically uncommon only on XFCE4 or something we do implement, most DE’s have the network button on the panel or reachable over the panel. (also the same for Windows and OSX)


I meant when i first installed like when I first got into linux and the DE werent as polished

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In offline install (Xfce) internet connection is not needed…

And if I remember correctly, not even Windows nor MacOS have a pointer to the panel’s network button.


Hi Joe,
What I was pointing out was that, after booting up the installer image, there is no direction for a novice user (novice to Xfce) as to how to connect to the Internet.

I understand that this is not generally part of any DE, but you are effectively using Xfce as part of the installer.

I did the install and identified a possible pain-point. Your choice.

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Unless you have a very specific set of hardware it is not harder to figure out just by trial and error how to connect to wifi with the boot image than it is to figure out how to connect to wifi with a windows 10 computer.

As someone who rarely uses Windows, I find connecting to WiFi on that platform less than obvious.

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Point, however clicking on the network icon, then “wifi” then connect to my wifi network works the same on Xfce, Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android, really.

And if you are using ethernet (or like me, “ethernet” aka an extender of the wifi with an ethernet socket so I have my tower connected to it) then you must have really bad luck to not have Internet without having to do anything at all.

I mean how would one inform user on how to connect to wifi on XFCE?

To connect to a wireless Network simply click with the left mouse button on the :card_file_box: symbol on the right side of the bottom panel, select your Network, click on it and type your password in the textinput field indicating with the word password before it, inside the popping up window, then finally click the button with the text connect on it.

I do not see anything inside this information that a common user of nowadays internet-connected devices will need.

There will come up much harder challenges on using EndeavourOS later, like using a terminal.
And also this will not come with a popup telling you how to use it :wink:

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Look at Arch now for connecting to wifi. They are now using iwctl. How many people going to figure that one out. Need a bunch of commands to get it going. :smirk: