Noob - Installed EndeavourOS with Gnome - getting "No such native application org.gnome.chrome_gnome_shell"

I’d like to install extensions for gnome from the Gnome Shell Extensions site, but am getting the above error banner across the site - how can I resolve this? Any and all help is appreciated!

I think you would also need to install the following package on your system:

Restart your browser and visit the extension site again.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work in gnome 46. I have the same problem.

$ firefox --version
Mozilla Firefox 124.0.1

$ gnome-shell --version
GNOME Shell 46.0

$ pacman -Qs gnome-browser-connector
local/gnome-browser-connector 42.1-4
    Native browser connector for integration with

Plus Firefox addon:GNOME Shell integration

has the same thing happen on my raspberry pi 4. i just has to upgrade gnome, but I dont think thats the case here, try system upgrade? sorry if this isnt helpful

Same problem here. Installed Endevaour into a VM and soon discovered extensions are apparently a no-no in this version of Gnome. Endeavour also managed to hide the proper logon stanza under Grub. Apparently I need an INITRD to boot the kernel on this machine. Discovered where it was hiding after
booting into a blank screen several times.

they are not enabled by default EndeavourOS only set base system needs. (extensions)
The bootup indee dis configured (basic system need) would be in your case something with the VM setup? Default bootloader would be also systemd-boot not grub.