Noob - Installed EndeavourOS with Gnome - getting "No such native application org.gnome.chrome_gnome_shell"

I’d like to install extensions for gnome from the Gnome Shell Extensions site, but am getting the above error banner across the site - how can I resolve this? Any and all help is appreciated!

I think you would also need to install the following package on your system:

Restart your browser and visit the extension site again.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work in gnome 46. I have the same problem.

$ firefox --version
Mozilla Firefox 124.0.1

$ gnome-shell --version
GNOME Shell 46.0

$ pacman -Qs gnome-browser-connector
local/gnome-browser-connector 42.1-4
    Native browser connector for integration with

Plus Firefox addon:GNOME Shell integration

has the same thing happen on my raspberry pi 4. i just has to upgrade gnome, but I dont think thats the case here, try system upgrade? sorry if this isnt helpful