Non-working iso/installer (malware)

I downloaded the .iso file from Freedif (Germany).

Upon livebooting it from my USB (boot log: I noticed something suspicious: rebooting Firefox causes a new tab to open to a nsfw website, the installer gets messed up on the partition stage (the option to delete the entire disk disappears; when manually editing partitions you can only select the flags “boot” and “bios-grub”).

Download annother ISO and verify it to make sure it is OK.

Check the ISO file before using it:

To check the ISO file with the sha512:

sha512sum -c Endeavouros_Cassini_Nova-03-2023_R2.iso.sha512sum

To check the ISO file with gpg signature import our key and verify

(Do not forget to trust the key after validating it)

This ISO is signed by: Johannes Kamprad (

pub   rsa2048 2021-02-03 [SC]
      8F43 FC37 4CD4 CEEA 19CE  E323 E3D8 752A CDF5 95A1
uid           [ultimate] Johannes Kamprad (joekamprad development key) <>
uid           [ultimate] [jpeg image of size 3520]
sub   rsa2048 2021-02-03 [E]

To verify the key

gpg --recv CDF595A1
gpg --verify Endeavouros_Cassini_Nova-03-2023_R2.iso.sig