No Wifi with my tenda u18 wlan stick

Hi guys,

i switched my wlan stick from a wifi4 stick to a wifi 6 stick and after that it doesn’t find any connections.
it seems that the stick isn’t recognize properly. With the wifi 4 stick the connections is fine.
Any suggestions?

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edit: oh and btw: i use the last release version

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  1. Does your new WiFi adapter backward compatible?
  2. Is your WiFi router older than your WiFi adapter?
  3. Doe your new adapter work with any other computer?
  4. What is your kernel? Is it arch normal or LTS?

Hi s4ndm4n,

thanks for answering. :slight_smile:

  1. I thought Wifi 6 is always backward compatible?
  2. i don’t think its a problem with the router because on win11 with a certain driver it just works fine
  3. yes
  4. yeah normal arch, i guess

On they claim:

“Tenda U18 USB WiFi Adapter is only compatible with Windows 10 & Windows 11 x64.”

But can you send a hardware log (inxi -Nzac) when you have the new adapter plugged in? Note that you can save the output to a file and show it later.

hi manuel,

thanks 4 answering.

in anothers specs list it says „universal“ not only windows. but thats a good point. i will send an email to the support of asking them stick‘s linux compatibly.

how can i make these log with arch? i am very new in these world.

kind regards


Just type the command inxi -Nzac in your terminal and copy and paste the output here. And please use the code tags (Ctrl+E).

hi again,

obviously i have not been sending the promised log. but i come across another point that maybe solves the problem. i have heard that when i know the chipset version i can download and install a driver that support exactly this chipset version, so that the wlan stick is recognized.

is that a possible solution?

besides that, i have to do another clean install because my endeavouros crashed. is it possible to install it without an internet connection? it should be working right?

have a nice day!

kind regards


If you know the chipset and find the right driver and possibly related settings, it basically should work. But it can be trial and error too…

Offline install is possible, and that way you will get Xfce desktop. If you want another desktop, you’ll have to fetch the needed files manually and (possibly) replace Xfce desktop files.

It is possible it’s a realtek chip. Need to boot on live ISO and check.

inxi - Na

Could be this package needed:

thanks. i will try that soon and report back.

found a solution. installed a realtek driver. :slight_smile:

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