No Trash Can In LXQT

I have EndavouorOS running with LXQT.

However, I can’t find the Trash Can and when I try to go to trash:/// it says Operation not supported.

Somebody please tell me how to fix this.

I have heard of this before, it is not lxqt specific but connected to the file manager, pcmanfm (or in lxqts case pcmanfm-qt.

IF I remember correctly there are some missing functions. Most of the time it turns out that gvfs isn’t installed. I guess it’s not marked correctly as a dependency…? (Just guessing here).

pacman -Qi gvfs

is gvfs installed ? (for the trashcan)

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  • gvfs (optional) - for trash support, mounting with udisks, remote filesystems and trust bits for executables
  • gvfs-mtp (optional) - MTP support (Media Transfer Protocol)
  • lxqt-archiver (optional) - archive management
  • qt5-translations (optional) - allow keyboard shortcuts to function in some languages (e.g. German)

should we add them to be installed p.d. ?


That was the issue thanks…

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Trash can is bloat.


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