No Suspend On Lid Closure

I found some topics similar to this, but the solutions appeared to be specific to XFCE? And I did not find an equivalent in Deepin.

Control Center – Power – Battery and for Plugged In I have it set for Suspend on lid closure.

Closing the lid though does not put the computer to sleep/suspend.

Control Center – Power – Battery and for Plugged in I also have it set to suspend when power button is pushed. This one does work.

So maybe somehow it is simply not registering a lid closure?

Let me know if I need/should provide more information.


i see that this stuff is hardly depending on the hardware under linux, there are devices simple will not work for the powerfeatures like suspend e.t.c out of the box or in some cases they do not work completely…
You could try if there is a DE independend way to handle this to see if Deepin simple fail on getting this work…