No sounds, all mozilla apps crashes

Hi everyone, this is my first post asking for help, I’m generally not someone who asks for help easily, but after searching for weeks I’ve come to the end of the line.

Ever since I installed Endeavoros, SOMETIMES (1 time per month, or in this week 3 thime), when I start my machine, the sound control disappears (I can’t switch between the various outputs) and above all the strangest thing: all the Mozilla applications (like Firefox and Thunderbird) crash.
The behavior is that the entire UI of the programs freezes.

How do I solve it? Generally I do a reboot which strangely lasts a really long time (about 5 minutes) and stops at a task that says:

watchdog: watchdog0: watchdog did not stop!

and then on the next boot everything works as it should.
HOWEVER, IF I don’t complete the reboot or I forcibly unplug and reboot the problem persists, it comes back as before… It’s as if the (full and complete) reboot deleted some lock file or something like that.

It’s such a weird problem that I don’t even know how to google it.

I sincerely hope you can give me a hand!

A low cost first possible step is to update your BIOS:

BIOS E16S6IMS.119 07/01/2022

It might help a bit for the resolution of your glitch.
I will be following your thread to learn more.

Take care :wave:

Sadly this is the last version released by MSI:

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