No sound on quodlibet player

I’ve tried to use the audioplayer quodlibet. After programm and music call it stops with the message “playback error Internal data stream error: streaming stopped, reason error (-5)”.

Previously, I had plugged in my DAC, aplay -l said device is No. 1;0 and i consequently entered this in quodlibet-settings (audio-pipeline) like this:
alsasink device=hw:1,0

Always if i try to run quodlibet the above output appears. Any idea? - Thank you!

  1. pavucontrol can not detect quodlibet
  2. carla can detect quodlibet
    When playing quodlibet, manually link quodlibet’s play-back port to ‘USB Audio Device’ or HDMI (Digital Surround 7.1) device in carla
    If using pipewire, be sure the pipewire has been correctly configured (please search and refer to my reply posts for how to configure pipewire here)

Hi and thank you for your reply.
I didn’t want pavucontrol to detect quodlibet. But i wanted alsa to do so. And therefore i wrote in the Audio-Pipeline-Box “alsasink …” (and not “pulsesink …”).
My goal is to make sure that alsa-output is used directly without any conversions. I hope there is an adequate command/setting.
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