No sound from discord other than voice chat

Hey I recently installed EndeavourOS after moving from Garuda and am getting set back up for gaming. Discord has been working fine for the past day or two but suddenly there is no sound what so ever from the client other than VC every other app and on my system works fine it seems to only be a discord issue. I tried removing and reinstalling discord with pacman as well as deleting the cache files. I am unsure what else to try, restarting also dose not fix the issue.

Here is the output of the logs for troubleshooting

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Could you please elaborate. What other sounds were you expecting that you don’t have now?

If you think its about notification, ensure that your status is not set to DND.

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Every sound that is not voice. Mute/unmute, Join,leave sounds, embeds, audio and video uploads, arrow keys in the Control + ? menu, notifications. Do not disturb is off but the notification showing up in KDE are not making any sound but they do still pop up. It’s really weird because voice does work but only voice. The settings both in KDE and discord are correct in terms of output device as I use a DAC instead of onboard audio.

I’m not sure if it’s related but I did share my screen and while I was sharing my screen was when I noticed it was broken because I couldn’t hear people leaving but it could have possibly been broken before then.