No solution button | I can edit admin post

No solution button + I can edit admin post


Probably your own post you can some thing but us not al post i gues.

Click on the three dots underneath the post, then it will show.

No :slight_smile:

That’s because you’re not a participant in that post.

Ok, in other Forum I have TL3 and can do that. So I am missanderstood :wink: .

But why I can edit the Administrator post? :slight_smile:


Where do you see that you can edit the post?

I do not only see it, I do it.

Before I wrote this


Do you have three dots on the solution post or see the text “solution” in german “Lösung”?
Then klick it.

Joe wrote this as a wiki article and not as a post. Discourse has a wiki function in the menu and every wiki article can be edited by any user.

You’re not able to edit a post.

@joekamprad post this as a wiki post not me. :wink:
Ok, I delete now my edit in this wiki-post.

Upps I read You instead Joe ,

Sorry. :slight_smile:

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That’s what I wrote. :wink:

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I do mark entries as wiki posts to collect them and add them to the wiki later… but i do not know that they can be edited by everyone then…, is o.k. as long as it will be shown inside the post…


I am not everyone :wink:


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sure ! @Bryanpwo can you remove @SGS from right to edit wiki posts ? :yum: :radioactive: :no_pedestrians: