No "Printer" in XFCE-Settings

Hi all,

i installed EOS more then once. Most with XFCE.
But this time i have the problem, that i can’t found “printer” in the XFCE-Settings.

I have a brother DCP-9022CDW. Last time i just installed the printer-package for this printer from AUR with “yay”, went to “XFCE-Settings” and “printer” and just installed the printer. That was it!

This time i have a new EOS-Installation with XFCE, installed again the printer-package, but i can’t found “printer” in the XFCE-Settings.

Can someone tell me, what packages are required?


Check that’s cups is installed.


Thank you.
I am sorry, i forgot to use the eos-docs first. I promise to read there next time.

I install all the missing packages and set the services. “printer-settings” are not in the xfce-settings yet, but i found it in the system-entry in whisker-menu. now it works.

Thank you!

sudo pacman -S cups cups-filters cups-pdf system-config-printer --needed
sudo systemctl enable --now org.cups.cupsd.socket

plus your brother driver from AUR should be good to go if it is connected via USB


hi @joekamprad
i dont use usb but network. it is set via lpd BINARY_P1. the printer is now working great.

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do you choose offline install on installing the OS?
we have the option to choose printing support only for online install method.
And yes i do install brother wifi printer currently and i do not need any extra to connect it like you.

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no regrets, now anyone searching the forum will find that post, so any question is helpful.


Thats an interesting point! Yes, i choose the offline install. It is possible, that i choose online install in the other PCs, so there i did not had this problem.

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