No longer boot after update

Hi! I’ve another issue with dracut, i’m hating it…
After a system update and a reboot it does not show the eos entry in the boot menu, so i boot from an usb stick, mount the partitions and chroot.
Then i try to do reinstall-kernel but i’ve this situation:

Please, help me, damn dracut

That doesn’t appear to be an issue with dracut.

Is your efi partition full or corrupt?

What does df -h show in that situation?

Check the filesystem on your efi partition. Make sure it isn’t corrupt.

How can i do that? The partition is formatted in FAT32, dosfsck?

Ok, i did it!
I’ve mounted only the / partition, not the /efi, chroot and then

dosfsck -w -r -l -a -v -t /dev/nvme0n1p6

solved the problem.
After that i’ve made a reinstall-kernels

Maybe it won’t be dracut’s fault, maybe I’ll have a bad relationship with the uefi system, but I’m starting to get tired of all these problems with each system update…

Well, all I can say is that other than the grub issue back last summer/fall?, I haven’t had any real problems with updates. I’m also using dracut since Christmas?

I’m not blaming Endeavor itself, it’s a distro that I love and I haven’t said it for years, since 2004 slackware maybe…But really, this uefi doesn’t fit my mind in any way

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