No login user list with GDM

I wanted to switch from Plasma to Gnome so I followed these guides:

But when GDM loads, there is no user selection list visible hence I can’t login. I can see the top bar and interact with it so the system isn’t frozen. There is a cursor and I can switch to TTY with my keyboard.

I installed LightDM via TTY and can login using that but would like to solve this issue with GDM if possible.

System information:

  • EndeavourOS Linux x86_64
  • 5.16.16-arch1-1
  • GNOME 41.5 / Mutter

Did you enable gdm.service

Yes, I believe GDM itself loads but something goes wrong with listing available users.

That’s strange, probably during removal of some plasma packages something got broken. What these are is difficult to say if you don’t list step by step. I would actually reinstall eos with my favorite DE. Swapping like this can break things and difficult to troubleshoot. But that’s my two cents.

Could be related to accountsservice package.

Check missing dependency with pacman -Qi accountsservice

Yeah I get your point. I would do that too but it’s my work PC and I thought if it’s a known issue by someone, I can fix it without having to set things up again from scratch. But will do that if it comes to it. :slight_smile:

Checked the dependencies for accountsservice and it looks happy.

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Sorry, running out of ideas. Someone more knowledgeable may give you better advice. Good luck!

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is there no prompt where you can type in your username instead of picking from a list? if you hit enter once does it change anything or open this prompt?

if neither of the above are true you might want to boot up with gdm, switch to console to log in and check to see if there are any obvious errors or messages in the journal

journalctl -b -0

edit: fixed the journalctl command to only view current boot

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Thanks for the advice regarding journalctl.

I saw some errors there which led to me a thread about this issue on Manjaro forums.

As the solution there states, it was related to libfprint. I had a different version of it installed from AUR. Doing pacman -S libfprint prompted me to uninstall that due to a conflict and I can now see the user list on GDM.

Thanks everyone.


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