No kdenlive availabe via pacman?

I did the following…

[wombat64@endeavour ~]$ sudo pacman -S Kdenlive
[sudo] password for wombat64: 
error: target not found: Kdenlive
[wombat64@endeavour ~]$ 

Seemed odd to get the error: target not found: Kdenlive output as kdenlive 24.02.0-2 shows as available in the Arch Extra repo. It’s available in the AUR, but I tend to use AUR sparingly and only for apps not typically available otherwise.


I think pacman is case sensitive. Try with kdenlive instead.


HA! :laughing: I was going to delete this post as I found I screwed up. USER ERROR on my part.

I capitalized Kedenlive. Should have been kdenlive.

Leaving this post to show even a seasoned Linux user can screw up.


@jc1685 that was indeed the problem. I’ve been using Linux for many years. This just shows that even intermediate users who’ve been using Linux for 20+ years can still make what would typically be considered a “newbie mistake”.

Yeah trust me you are not alone! :sweat_smile:

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Note that you can search for packages case insensitively:

$ pacman -Ss Kdenlive
extra/kdenlive 24.02.0-2 (kde-applications kde-multimedia)
    A non-linear video editor for Linux using the MLT video framework

Then it shows the exact name that you can use when installing.


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