No irq handler for vector

I guess I’ve found out why my system’s acting up. Since a couple days I get this error message 5 - 6 times before Endeavour - or any other Linux, I’m writing this from Mint - starts up. Same as in Endeavour my machine refuses to connect to ethernet but only accepts wifi, and Nvidia drivers don’t work either. Contrary to the last time I had a problem, the terminal doesn’t even recognize all the clever commands you guys told me to use.

Can it be this weird error message has anything to do with it?

Hello. I have the same message every time I boot. That’s why I looked in here. I see no one has answered yet. This error message starts the same way on all Linux. Nevertheless, all works O.K. on my machine. I don’t think you need to deal with this message. I think the machine is old and something is not compatible with the current ones in it. That’s all. Maybe someone has a different opinion?


Thx for the reply Maestro
Just two things: This message pops up since a couple days, and since then wifi replaced ethernet, without me noticing at first, and I can’t get ethernet to work again. After re-install I can’t get Nvidia to work neither. :frowning: Also this machine is brandspanking new! :frowning:

The same happened when I installed Mint.

On all my lesser machines Endeavour works like a charme without any weird behaviour, error messages or daily changing moods. It’s all very weird.

I’m so sorry I can’t help you with that. I only read it because I have the same message. I registered here for the forum today. New laptops can also do weird things. I have an old desktop, nothing more. And my phone is Android.

Welcome aboard!

Oh yes,I forgot to say welcome to Maestro.

Is this on your new system? The no irq handler for vector shouldn’t hurt anything. I had it on mine until the latest UEFI Bios update i did. The two problems are separate. Ethernet not working and Nvidia. Need to know your hardware. You would have to boot on the live ISO and see if you can install inxi and give a link to command.

inxi -Fxxxz --no-host | eos-sendlog

That’s exactly what I thought. I just don’t understand these computers and I speak bad English. Let me say welcome to Everybody.

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you can add “noapic” on colland line boot kernel

AMD Ryzen 5 5600
Gigabyte AORUS PRO-AX B550
Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x16GB
Asus GTX770

Right now the mouse pointer looks weird again, and sometimes the PC won’t even boot or shows a 1024x748 screen. :unamused:
Is my brandspanking new mobo already kaputt?

Will try the inxi thing tomorrow.

cya laterz

So you reinstalled it again to get it working? What desktop is it? Also did you install the nvidia drivers again properly?

inxi -Ga

The “no irq handler for vector” has been going on for about the past year or so, at least on the AMD AM4 platform, which occurred after an AGESA update. I actually did quite a bit of research into it back then out of curiosity, and all the information I have gathered points to the error being harmless. Supposedly it was going to fixed in newer kernel updates but of course it continues to persist.

On MSI X570 it is fixed with the latest UEFI update.

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Oh nice, which board? I am curious of the AGESA verison.

It is the MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus.
Actually i just checked again and there is another Beta version for better performance again. So i will be updating it again and i hope the IRQ Handler for Vector doesn’t come back. I am running the 7C37vAC version. ComboAM4PIV2

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Gigabyte AORUS PRO-AX B550

Brandnew M-ITX thing, seems broken. :woozy_face: :cry:

Had the same problem on my MSI 550 A PRO. A BIOS update solved that for me.

Can’t find file or folder. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: