No info provided on dolphin or krusader during webdavs connection


Right now, I am using Krusader to connect to webdavs server as suggested by you. (after dolphin keeps disconnecting the connection.)
The issue regarding all these network connection using dolphin and krusader is
THEY do not have any info regarding handshake or anything info at all.
I have problem downloading file from the webdavs server, and it keeps disconnected. Download also slow like crazy, NOT normal. But i don’t have any info of what’s going on, not error msg or anything i can troubleshoot with. It just disconnect like nobody’s bussiness.

Is there anyway to get what’s going on in the connection ? what is the respond from server … and all these handshake and communication msg between the client and the host ?

I use to use FTPZILLA, which provide all handshake connection in server own language… at least i can see some error msg when something is not right… as for these GUI krusader and dolphin, they simply provide NO info at all to help troubleshooting or any info at all.

I find it is most NOT normal that linux software behave just like windows os software, which hide all info/ detail away from user, this is very abnormal. Maybe it is my issue, that i don’t know how to handle these 2 gui software in linux, can someone who know please teach me…

Right now, both dolphin and krusader have connected to the webdavs server, just that their connection is slow like beetle… (i can’t say turtle, because turtle is faster than that…) already a few minutes gone by, only like a handful of megabyte downloaded ONLY.
Dolphin even incompletely downloaded a file that i can’t open and dolphin produce no error msg or anything to warn me the file is incomplete.

Just now the ISP of my internet … supposely have some issue… hence downloading speed was so slow… that it even dropped the connection half way.
Due to dolphin webdavs and krusader webdavs both lack of status and handshaking info, is there any arch linux package that enable me to see the network transfer rate , download rate and as much info regarding network , internet and tranfer speed related info ? i rather to use gui for these sort of thing… open a terminal to constantly check on download rate is kind of not ideal to me. I don’t know what keyword to search in google for it.

I know you do a lot of reading…but…

You will also like to read up on nethogs

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No, i do like those tiny tray icon stuff. i like a real app, a package that like like a proper program not widget type of stuff… the info is too limited.

Tell me what keyword to search for ? i will get it myself… i don’t know what to search for… because a long string of description in google won’t yield desirable result.

If you configure the widget you can get nethogs to launch with a click. It will tell you everything you need to know.

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oh ok. i will read thru it… thx.