No icon in mail?

When i look at the i3blocks.config i see there is a icon missing for email.
As i am new to i3 is my question, how can I solve this?

You can copy and paste icons from this webpage (the icon itself, not the code) into your config file;

PS: depending on the version of font awesome you have installed, some icons may be unsupported.

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do you have any additional awsome fonts or other iconic font packages installed?
As it could be causing confusion with these icon fonts.
If not I may need to change the used icon in default configs cause of a change in the used package (awsome-terminal-fonts)

@joekamprad No extra fonts installed it is pure with no additionals

Also I have noticed this, icon is now installed:

After closing my e-mail this happens with the icon:

i never have problem from here

this could be an issue with the used command for the on click action in i3bar?
But indeed try a different iconfont to see if the same is happening… i will have a look in the next days… but currently lazy Christmas :wink:

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I can say that this happens on a fresh online installation of i3 with nothing installed extra


i3-msg -q exec gui-appname

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That is the solution where I was waiting on :+1:
Strange after a fresh install it is not set that way, maybe a bug Herr Doktor?

i just changed config on github…

And seems not effecting like that for all GUI apps but indeed thunderbid does that screwing the icon and adding | on exit.

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