No font preview in system settings in KDE with Wayland

In KDE 5.27 when I log in to Wayland I can’t preview the fonts in system-settings font management, however they do show up in X11

That’s strange as they show up on my KDE using Wayland.

Edit: This is on Ryzen with AMD graphics.

And just like that, the solution to your problem magically appears.

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He says “Font Management” which is 3 sections below “Fonts” in your screenshot.

I don’t get previews under Wayland either :slightly_frowning_face:

@solino Was it working for you under Wayland in KDE Plasma 5.26? Have you noticed it on any other distros?

There’s a bug report here:

You mean this? :laughing:

Yes :grin:

No previews for you either.

I had seen the report of this bug that already refers to version 21.12.1 of plasma and it had been reported on 2020-12-10 11:24 UTC by Patrick Silva. What I don’t understand is that it still hasn’t been resolved. I’m using version 5.27.4 and it’s still the same

Where is the preview supposed to be? I have no idea. I don’t normally change this stuff so not sure what I’m looking for. :wink:

Edit: I guess it’s supposed to show in the top menu when you click on a particular font?

The font preview should appear in the blank window on the right, however there is only a blank box. Now I see that there is a proposed solution at

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In the box on the right hand side :arrow_right:

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Yes… I’m not clear from reading it when it will appear in a KDE release.

KDE have a new/replacement forum - it might be worth posting there?

Looking at the Issues section of it states:
“Font Management KCM crashes when rendering previews, patch to make it not crash (but also not preview fonts) is in git in plasma-desktop[sebas/wayland]”.

That still makes the current status unclear…