No examples in the new QtCreator welcome page

There are no examples in the new QtCreator welcome page.

Steps I took:

  • Checked: I have qt6-doc and qt6-examples installed.
  • Searched the internet. Usually this problem is solved by selecting the right qmake version. So I checked the Kit preference selection, where the version of qmake selected was /usr/bin/qmake, (which was just link to the file /usr/bin/qmake5 in the same directory). I thought, it has wrongly selected the qt5 version. So, I deleted it from the qtcreator Kit window and manually selected /usr/lib/qt6/bin/qmake (which is a link to /usr/lib/qt6/bin/qmake6.)

Now on the main welcome page, kit is showing as qt6, but still no examples.
Thanks in advance.

If you cannot see any examples, check that the list of Qt versions (2) is not empty. If you select a Qt for Android or iOS, you can only see the examples that run on Android or iOS. —> Source of quote.

You probably need to change the permissions on the example files
sudo chown -R +rx /path/to/QT6.x.x//examples

qt versions are already chosen.


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Already file permissions are there.


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It looks like you need to type the example type your looking for in the search box.

ie if you type android it will give you the examples for mobile

categories listed here:

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It is not letting me type anything. Also, if things work normally, the page is filled with gallery like view of all projects. Search bar is there to filter the view.

Do you have this package installed?

should look like this:

I couldn’t find any app-specific requirements on the OS side. So maybe your EndevavourOS is missing something for it to display correctly?
Are you sure, you installed all it’s dependencies for Arch Linux?

Also, there exists a package, qtcreator-devel:

I have cleaned up this topic. Please focus this topic on helping the OP with the issue they are having.

If you aren’t familiar with the issue or don’t have anything constructive to add, please don’t post.

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I see the same issue as you on my install. Installing the qt5 examples has them show up in qtcreator but not the qt6 examples.

A quick search shows multiple people reporting the issue on Arch-based distros but no posted solutions.

I have added a bug report in Arch bug tracker, for package qt6-examples.

Greetings fellow Linux enthusiasts,

The package maintained acted very fast and updated the package. Now the qt6-examples are visible on the welcome page of qtcreator.

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