No double-sided printing on Epson printer?

So I use newest Endeavouros build with kde 6 and linux 6.8.9.arch1-1.

I have an Epson XP-245 printer and installed Epson-inkjet-printer-escpr and escpr2 drivers.

The printer connected fine to my laptop via wifi, and printing works fine, but the option for double-sided printing shows as unavailable.

On windows it works just fine, so I figure it has to be something with the drivers.

Is there any way to get the double-sided printing to work?

lxde, brother printer, driver pack from AUR, no additional brother software installed, endeavour print settings:

I hit CTRL+P to print:

I hit “print using sys dialogue” link there:

page setup tab for double-sided:

will be surprised if you don’t have this.
edit/change goofy pic

I know, I did all those steps, but two-sided printing is displaying “Not available” just like paper type for you.

EDIT: Added screenshot