No device driver were found

I need to install windows.

But i’m getting the message “no device drivers were found…” when installing.

I still have linux right now cause i cannot install windows.
I intend to remove linux and use windows.
I badly need certain windows software.

Please help.

When are you getting that error exactly?

Are you able to boot off the Windows media? If you are getting that far it is more of Windows issue than a Linux issue.

If you are able to boot off the ISO but can’t get past the screen where you would select storage it means your storage controller is probably not being detected by the Windows media. First make sure you are using the latest Windows ISO. If the issue still persists you will need to download drivers from the manufacturer and load them from that screen.

If your issue is none of those things you need to explain it better. Also, what version of Windows are you trying to install?

i was able to boot windows 10.
then it said no device drivers found.

Where exactly? During the install? If so, on which specific screen?


My best guess would be missing storage drivers. Try what I recommended above:

which manufacturer?

The one who made the computer. If it is something assembled from parts, the mainboard/motherboard manufacturer.

I have msi z87 g45

which drivers specifically i need to install?

Those are just standard Intel drivers. Are you sure you are using a standard Windows 10 ISO?

You might consider resetting your BIOS back to defaults in that case.

i will download win 10 again.

how do i reset my bios and what effect does it have?

On your firmware interface, can you try storage access modes like AHCI / RAID / IDE ?

You can install Windows to a VM then, at least until this gets solved.

It is most likely looking for raid drivers. I would suggest going into the bios and disabling raid and set ahci mode for the drives.